Frown line

Nobody wants this wrinkle – and yet it develops in many people in the course of their lives: the frown line. Like all other wrinkles, it cannot be completely avoided. And yet there are many ways to prevent it, alleviate it … and also remove it.

What is the frown line?

Frown lines are the vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows that we unconsciously create with our facial expressions. They are also called glabellar wrinkles, named after the glabellar region on the face, the bony prominence on the brow bone above the root of the nose. This is the location of the glabella muscles, which are used to draw the eyebrows together.

At a young age, the frown line always disappears after the brows relax because the skin is still very elastic. However, with age, the skin increasingly loses its elasticity and the frown line can “dig” into the skin. Then it remains permanently.

But then you don’t just have one more wrinkle on your face. Unfortunately, pronounced frown lines also give the face a disgruntled, annoyed expression – even when you are not disgruntled or annoyed at all.

Frown lines and their causes

Frown lines can develop for a variety of reasons. Reading from early childhood, screen work, intense concentration and aggressive sunlight can all contribute to the development of an frown line. On all these occasions we unconsciously draw our eyebrows together, often we don’t even notice it. But predisposition also plays a role. For example, if one has pronounced glabellar muscles, the risk of an early developing frown line is also greater.

What can be done against frown lines?

Once an frown line has become permanently established on the face, it is too late for gentle measures and prevention. Normally, only invasive methods by a dermatologist can help to remove an frown line.

It is better to deal with the issue at an early stage and prevent frown lines from developing in the first place. Prevention is the order of the day and we would like to give you the best tips for this here:

Sun protection prevents frown lines

When you step into the sun, you involuntarily squint your eyes. But that is exactly what should not happen. Therefore, always wear sunglasses, a sun hat or a peaked cap also contributes to the prevention of frown lines.

Screen work with brain

We often squint our eyes in front of the screen, usually because we are concentrating too hard or because the screen is set incorrectly. Therefore, take conscious breaks from the screen and close your eyes for a while to give them a few seconds of rest. Maybe you also need screen glasses? An eye doctor can advise you.

Frown lines from reading a lot?

Under certain circumstances, yes. Read real books instead of illuminated e-readers, ensure good lighting conditions in the room and close your eyes every now and then. A massage of the glabellar region in between can also prevent frown lines.

Take deliberate breaks

Regular breaks in thinking interrupt concentration and relax the muscles that cause frown lines. In between, closing your eyes every now and then and consciously thinking about something else helps to remove an anger line that is building up for the moment.

Age-appropriate skin care

One of the most important preventive measures against frown lines, in addition to a balanced lifestyle with a nutrient-rich diet and plenty of exercise, is good skin care. To do this, use a high-quality nourishing skin care cream every day that provides the skin with everything it needs to stay vital. Choose the cream according to your skin type and age group to best meet the needs of your skin. A high sun protection factor is also important.

Special eye creams or eye pads soaked in nourishing care oil provide a special care effect. They help to improve skin elasticity, care for and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes. Highly concentrated serums, for example with hyaluronic acid, can also prevent frown lines drop by drop.

Massage away frown lines?

Many people swear by facial massages, especially Gua Sha massages. Here, high-quality beauty oils are gently massaged into the skin with the help of energy stones such as jade or rose quartz. Fine frown lines may not be completely removed, but they can be softened. In any case, a facial massage also provides stimulation of the lymphatic flow, muscular relaxation and a wonderful feeling of well-being. We recommend: try it out!

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